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NYC visitor struck down while eating hotdog

Some pedestrian accidents are more frightening and grisly than a grade B movie. Such was the case of a pretty female visitor in town for her first day when a cab jumped the curb near the outdoor eatery and crashed into her, severing one leg and mangling the other. Only the brave quick thinking of folks on the scene who placed tourniquets on her legs kept her from bleeding to death.

The young victims' severed, sandal-clad foot was recovered at the scene and doctors at Bellevue Hospital tried unsuccessfully to reattach it. At least two other people were also being treated at area hospitals for less serious injuries. The red blood stains on the left front fender of the cab speaks volumes of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the bike rider who is a professional messenger carrier had a bird's eye view of the accident. He insisted to authorities that the cabbie caused the catastrophe by striking him, then careening out of control. He described the cabbie as losing his patience, getting angry, leaning on his horn, accelerating and hitting him. His mangled bike was found at the scene. He said he was pedaling to the right of the cab when it cut him off, tossing him up onto the roof of another nearby car. He then rolled off and hit the street, injuring his leg. The last thing he remembers saying to the cabbie was to stop because there were people crossing the street just ahead.

The carnage was minimized by some good samaritans who sprang into action: There was a food vendor, a plumber and television's own Dr. Oz. The plumber, who had been working in the area, ripped off his tool belt and used it as a tourniquet. Police agree this critical first aid may have saved the young woman's life. Lawsuits may be the next courses of action against the cab driver, aided by experienced attorneys.

Source:  New York Daily News, "Runaway cab severs young British tourist's foot as Dr. Oz rushes to help; driver says 'it was an accident'" Peter Donohue, Kerry Burke, Tina Moore, Corky Siemaszko, Aug. 21, 2013

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