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Drunk driver kills pregnant woman on her way to hospital

We have often discussed on this blog the deadly consequences that can result from drunken drivers on New York's roadways. Tragically, this was the case for a young mother-to-be recently in Florida. She had recognized the first signs of the impending birth of her baby and decided to head for the hospital. The young woman contacted her mother with the exciting news that she was about to give birth.

Unfortunately, that was the last that her mother heard from her. While the expectant mother was heading to the hospital, she and her unborn child were involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident caused a drunk driver. Three passengers in the drunk driver's vehicle were also seriously injured.

Witnesses reported the drunken driver was driving recklessly, speeding and unable to stay in his lane. He rear-ended the pregnant mother's vehicle, and she apparently died shortly after the rear-end collision. Although medical staff at the hospital tried to save the life of her unborn baby via emergency C-section, the baby also suffered fatal injuries as a result of the crash.

The drunk driver's three passengers reportedly also sustained serious personal injuries in the car accident.

The drunken driver was arrested after initial blood-alcohol reports showed that he had more than twice the legal limit for alcohol in his bloodstream.

In addition to the criminal charges he faces, he may also be held responsible for these two wrongful deaths, and the personal injuries of the occupants of his car, all because of his decision to get behind the wheel of his car while drunk.

Source: New York Daily News, "Mother-to-be killed by drunk driver," Christine Roberts, Nov. 7, 2012

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