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New York police crack down on cellphone use

A distraction can last for only a few seconds, but when driving, that's long enough to cause a serious accident. If you've been in a truck accident that has left you with injuries, and it was caused by neglect or distractions, then this news about the state and local police cracking down on cellphone use while driving may please you. According to the news, the authorities in New York are taking a stand against cellphone use while driving, and now are enforcing that as part of an operation called "Operation Hang Up."

The April 12 report states that the state and local police are going to start this operation with a six-day blitz. During this time, increased patrols will be on the streets looking for those breaking the cellphone ban. That will include anyone who is talking on or texting on the phone while driving.

Man charged for fatal motor vehicle accident

This news release about a man who has been called Chester County, Pennsylvania's worst drunk driver may interest you in New York, since it's just a short distance across the border. The man has allegedly caused at least one wrongful death in the past, and now he's pleaded guilty to the death of a motorcyclist in April 2013. According to the story, the man could now face up to 17 years in prison for the accident.

If you've lost a loved one in a car accident or fatal motorcycle crash, then his or her wrongful death has left you distraught and traumatized. You may have bills to pay, items to sort out and a funeral to arrange. Those things shouldn't have to be paid for by you, and you should be certain that the person who caused your loved one's death is held accountable.

Paralyzed man and others sue over fatal train wreck in New York

Those living in New York are more likely to come across travel by train than those in some other states. If you've seen the news over the last few months, you probably heard about the serious accident involving the derailment of a Metro-North commuter train. The train left a passenger paralyzed, and now, he's suing the railroad for its negligence.

According to the report from April 8, the man, a 39-year-old, was headed to New York City with his teenage son when the train hit a curve nearly three times as fast as it was supposed to. The Dec. 1 accident resulted in the train coming off the tracks while approaching a station.

Car accidents caused by drunken New York police officer

When the police are on the roads, you want them to be doing their job -- not driving drunk. If you've been involved in a car accident with an officer where you've then been left with injuries, you may want to seek compensation. Take for instance this situation reported on April 8. According to the news from New York, a New York Police Department officer was arrested for driving drunk and slamming into cars throughout Brooklyn.

The shocking story leads by stating that the 30-year-old officer allegedly was so drunk that he nearly struck officers when he drove through a police stop after hitting a car in East New York. The city officer was chased by colleagues and other officers, but in the meantime, he hit multiple cars and was speeding dangerously on the roads. The intoxicated man was eventually stopped in East New York, Brooklyn.

New York woman run over by a forklift being used as a vehicle

Some motor vehicles aren't meant to be driven on public roadways. One such vehicle is the forklift, which is usually transported on a trailer from one place to another. One forklift driver was taken away in handcuffs after running over a woman with the forklift in Borough Park. It was reported that the driver was using the forklift as a vehicle, which is a violation of traffic laws.

The woman, who was described as being in her 70s, was crossing the street near 13th Avenue and 60th Street in Brooklyn, New York. She screamed when she was hit and run over by the forklift, according to people at a nearby lumber yard. A witness said the elderly woman was bleeding in the middle of the street. She was taken to a hospital with injuries that appeared to be non-life threatening.

New York State Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program

Does your business owe taxes to New York State?  Have you not filed your tax returns for at least one year? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you may be eligble to participate in the New York voluntary tax disclosure program and avoid criminal prosecution and significant penalties. 

Defendant alleges 'anti-gay bias' in New York DUI trial

This news about a conviction of DUI manslaughter in New York may be of interest to you. The death of a 22-year-old dancer on her motorcycle has led to a 46-year-old man being found guilty of DUI manslaughter, according to the news from March 28. The man had fatally struck the woman while driving drunk in 2010, causing the woman to be thrown over 100 feet from her motorcycle.

According to the news, the man had been accused of driving recklessly through three lanes of traffic. After that, he struck the dancer, who was thrown from her vehicle. She had been stopped on her motorcycle when she was struck at around 9:39 p.m. The news reported that the woman was killed instantly when the man's Mercedes-Benz struck her.

Driver charged in wrong-way car accident

A car accident is not something people typical plan to experience. Drivers and passengers can protect themselves by wearing their seat belts, driving defensively and obeying traffic laws, but that will not necessarily prevent an accident. Those who are injured or suffer material losses due to an accident they did not cause can seek compensation for their injuries or losses.

New York readers might recall an accident that occurred last July that killed a woman and injured her husband. Their vehicle was struck by a wrong-way driver. The driver of that vehicle was also injured, and recently, he was charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Mistake on Real Estate Taxes does not void Contract

It is inevitable. Real Estate taxes go up and stay up.  So what happens if prospective buyers think (as it turns out incorrectly) that the real estate taxes on their dream house were reduced several thousand dollars from a previous level, when if fact the taxes remained unchanged? 

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